Fall Things to Do

Fall Things to Do

Fall Things to Do

As the vibrant colors of summer give way to the warm tones of autumn, there’s no better place to experience the beauty of the fall season than Franklin County. Nestled in the heart of the Adirondacks, this region offers a plethora of fall activities that capture the essence of the season. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, or someone who simply appreciates stunning foliage, the Explore Adirondack Frontier Region has something for everyone. Let’s dive into the top fall things to do in Malone, Saranac Lake, and Tupper Lake.


Malone Region

Explore Paul Smith’s VIC: Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of autumn by visiting Paul Smith’s VIC. The trails wind through serene forests, tranquil ponds, and scenic marshes, providing the perfect backdrop for gazing at the changing leaves. Guided walks and educational programs are available to help you deepen your knowledge of the local ecosystem.


Tee Off Amidst Fall Foliage at MGC: Golf enthusiasts can tee off surrounded by the stunning colors of fall at Malone Golf Club. The crisp air and breathtaking views create an unforgettable golfing experience. Swinging your club while surrounded by vibrant foliage is a treat for both novices and pros alike.


Apple Picking at Prairie’s Orchard: Fall isn’t complete without indulging in some apple picking. Head over to Prairie’s Orchard and immerse yourself in the quintessential fall activity. Fill your basket with crisp apples while enjoying the fresh air and beautiful surroundings.


Saranac Lake Region

Hiking: Saranac Lake offers an array of hiking trails that lead to breathtaking visuals. As the leaves change, embark on a hiking adventure on one of the local mountains. The views from the summits are even more spectacular with the wonderful colors of fall.


Tucker’s Corn Maze: Dive into the ultimate fall family fun by navigating your way through Tucker's Corn Maze. This interactive experience is perfect for all ages and brings out the joy of the fall season with its challenging puzzles and delightful surprises.


Paddle: The tranquil waters of Saranac Lake offer an idyllic setting for fall paddling. Kayak or canoe across the surfaces of Saranac Lake’s ponds and lakes, surrounded by the warm hues of the season.


Tupper Lake Region:

The Wild Center: Immerse yourself in the wonders of nature at the Wild Center. The Wild Walk allows you to experience the canopy of colors up close, providing a unique perspective of the fall foliage.


Golf at Tupper Lake: Tupper Lake Golf Club also provides a serene backdrop for a fall round of golf. The well- maintained course is surrounded mountains and trees displaying a stunning array of red, orange and gold leaves.


Oktupperfest: Join in on a day of fun at the annual Oktupperfest. This family event features food, beer, games, live music, and hayrides. After your day of fun, take delight in the local shops and restaurants of downtown Tupper Lake for the perfect ending to your experience.


Franklin County, NY transforms into a breathtaking array of autumn colors during the fall season. From serene paddles to exciting corn mazes, the Explore Adirondack Frontier Region offers a wide variety of experiences that allow you to fully embrace the beauty of fall. Whether you’re sipping warm apple cider, strolling though a pumpkin patch, or admiring foliage from a mountaintop, each experience is a memory waiting to be cherished. So gear up for a season of crisp air, family moments, and unforgettable fun in this enchanting region of New York State.