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Ask any local rider and they’ll tell you that the Adirondack Frontier has some of the best cycling in all of New York. From the miles and miles of low traffic backroads in the Malone area to the breathtaking lake, river and mountain views around Saranac Lake, it’s all here. And we’d like to share it with you.

Bike the Adirondack Frontier Experience 
You can explore nearly the entire region by tackling our custom built 230-mile 

Or if you’re not up for all 230 in one go, we’ve highlights some of our favorites included on the region-wide map below.

Saranac Lake Area

Forest Home Run: 20.8 Miles
This route is a smidge over 20 miles, but rides a lot shorter and is good in either direction. However, the downhill into Saranac Lake on Forest Home Road is the cherry. If you start and finish in downtown Saranac Lake, there are any number of fine places for a tasty post ride beverage or a pre-ride coffee. As you head out of town, you'll get stunning views of Lake Colby, pass Donnelly's famous ice cream stand and enjoy some fine new pavement on Route 186 toward Lake Clear all before turning onto Forest Home Road for a home stretch that locals call the finest around.

Norman Ridge – Saranac River Valley: 33.6 miles
Starting in downtown Saranac Lake, this ride features stunning 180-degree views of Whiteface Mountain from Norman Ridge before cruising down to the Saranac Lake River Valley for a casual roll back to town. Add in a stop at Hex & Hop nano brewery on the way home and this is a 'do not miss' ride. Psst, this ride can also be shortened to 20 miles by starting and finishing at Hex & Hop -

Mt. Pisgah Loop: 6.9 miles
Just looking for a fun little cruise with awesome views? This one provides ‘hop off your bike and snap pictures’ views of Lake Colby, the Saranac River Valley and Moody Pond – among others. It can also be shortened to just a quick local around Moody Pond, which is a local strolling (and riding bikes with kids) favorite.

Malone Area

Township 7 Loop: 52.4 miles

Whether your start (and finish) this ride at Township 7 Brewing or cruise from Malone, you’ll experience some fabulous roads including some incredibly sublime backroads through the Deer River and Titusville Mountain State Forests. Highlights include fabulous farmland, a trip past Titus Mountain Ski Area, Chasm Falls and a winding meander along the Salmon River. This route can also be shortened to 20 miles without taking out some of the best features -

 Northern Loops
Fort Covington: 43.9 miles

Chateaugay: 40.5 miles

Whichever northern direction you choose to travel, you’ll be treated with the similar rural backroad experiences with miles and miles of relatively easy cycling complemented by views of the rich farming culture that makes the Malone area so wonderful. Head northeast and pair it with a stop at the Wilder Homestead or head northwest and be sure to stop at any of the fabulous farm stands along the way. Either way will not disappoint.

River Road Loop: 7.2 miles
If you’re in a time crunch or just looking for a short, but very fun spin on the bike, this loop is for you. Featuring a fabulous ride along the Salmon River, you can start or simply stop at the Malone Recreation Park where a playground, walking (and riding path for the kids) is right there along with plenty of space for picnicking.

Tupper Lake Area

Sabattis Lollipop: 33.2 miles
This out-and-back ride comes with a couple of gems. First, the ride features spectacular views from the causeway separating Raquette Pond from Simon Pond. Second, the shoulder on Route 30 is (and this is true) the widest in the entire area. But on top of that, you’re more likely to see wildlife crossing Circle Road than a car driving on it. Add in a bonus spur up Route 421 to Bog River Falls (a popular swim spot) and you’ve got quite a day.

Conifer Out-And-Back: 17.6 miles
Whether you stop this ride at Piercefield Flow or continue all the way to historic Conifer, it’s a great ride, the first part of which is featured on the Tupper Lake Tinman triathlon bike course. If you continue to Conifer, a community famous for Emporium Forestry Company in the 1900’s, you’ll definitely get off the beaten path. In fact, along the way it’s easy to spot remnants of the logging heyday.

Local Spins
If you just want to get out for a fun little spin with your family, the place to start (and maybe just stay) is the Tupper Lake Municipal Park which features a paved path along Raquette Pond that leads to a playground and bandshell. Plus, there are any number of spots to roll out a blanket and relax. If you’d like to add a little more miles, there’s also a paved recreational path that you can pick up at McDonald’s directly across the street from the park. A mix of path and roads will take you all the way to The Wild Center.

Get Your Gravel On
If road riding is not your thing and you’d prefer a little bit of dirt and a lot more adventure, well, we’ve got that too. And that’s before the 34-mile Adirondack Rail Trail connecting Lake Placid, Saranac Lake and Tupper Lake is open for riding (expected completion 2024). Here’s a few of our favorite gravel routes:

Lake Kushaqua: 16.1 miles
If you’re camping at Buck Pond or just in the area, this classic ride is right in your backyard and is not to be missed. Gravel bikes or hard tail mountain bikes are a must, but you’ll be rewarded with incredible lake and river views, plus the feeling that you are miles from another soul.

Keese Mills Road: 25 miles
Since this is an out-and-back route, you can make it any distance you like simply by turning around. You can also make it a point-to-point by spotting a car. Either way, you’ll enjoy some smooth rural road riding before experiencing some of the best gravel around between Paul Smiths and St. Regis Falls.

Fish Pond Truck Trail
Accessible from Fish Hatchery Road near Lake Clear, there’s a number of ways to ride this network. All of which will get even better when the Adirondack Rail Trail opens. End-to-end it’s 4.7 miles, but has all sorts of spur trails. The spur trail to St. Regis Pond is known as the St. Regis Pond Truck Trail and is a local favorite for cycling.

Singletrack Is The Only Track

If mountain biking is your pedal powered method of choice, the Saranac Lake area is where you want to be. The Dewey Mountain Recreation Center, Mt. Pisgah and Fowler’s Crossings networks, which are built and maintained by Barkeater Trails Alliance feature some of the best dirt in the area. From fun flowing beginner loops to technical challenges there’s something for every ability level at all three networks. Best part is, you can ride them all in the same day or hang out and loop each as long as you like. Either way is endless fun.


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